30Years - 11 Million Dollars

The Red Wing Area Fund is a non-profit community based organization commited to enhancing the quality of life in the Red Wing, Minnesota area. Their mission is to imagine, develop, and initiate projects that enhance the character and quality of life in Red Wing beyond the reach or ability of existing agencies and resources. The mission statement reads:

It shall be the purpose of the Red Wing Area Fund, a non-profit organization, to continue and extend the character and quality of community life in the Red Wing area. To realize this objective, the Board of Directors of the Fund shall initiate projects which it feels would contribute to the above purpose. It shall also appraise ideas, plans and projects brought forth by individuals, groups and organizations. The Board shall be responsive to the changing needs and opportunities which will arise in the course of time for future generations. It will manage its resources in such a way that it will be possible for the Fund to participate, in a lead or contributory role, in community projects of possible major significance.